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The Lunch & Learn Community

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The Lunch & Learn Community

Learn from the best in our industry and from specialists in other industries. The Lunch & Learn will expose you to new ideas, improvements in methodologies, and interesting concepts to up your game in research and life.
Our group is a collection of friendly people who are here for each other. The community is supportive and non-confrontational, gathered in the spirit of community to learn and grow.
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2023 - 2024 Lunch & Learn Schedule

We start at Noon MT and end at 1 pm MT on Thursdays when scheduled

  • September 2023

    9/28/23 Marc Engel Being a funnier person makes you a better researcher

  • October 2023

    10/5/23 Anne Beall How men and women break the rules differently in fairy tales10/12/23 Brianna Sylver Symbolics10/19/23 Sidi Lemine AI presentation10/26/23 Steve Henke Why I should choose you - Differentiating your brand

  • November 2023

    11/2/23 Lucy Brady What is Deliberative Research?
    11/16/23 Rob Volpe Pride, Hubris and Enablement

  • December 2023

    12/7/23 Lisa Horwich Data Privacy
    12/14/23 Margaret Watts-Romney Combating speaking myths - you got this!  


  • January 2024

    1/11/24 Michelle Batt Customer Experience - From Theory to Practice
    1/18/24 Laura Bright How Los Americanos are viewed from the other side of the border

  • February 2024

    2/1/24 Chris Hauck Ditch your stupid Likert scale-based tracker2/8/24 Yogesh Chavda Stigma topic2/15/24 Tom Rich Probes and follow-up questions in qualitative moderating and interviewing2/22/24 Natalia Infante Caylor TBD2/29/24 Kelley Styring TBD

  • March 2024

    3/7/24 Sean Jordan How to use the cool AI tools we now have
    3/14/24 Paul Griffiths How to enhance your service to your industry clients and stakeholders
    3/21/24 Maria Virobik More on Designing Reports to Engage or anything she wants to teach us
    3/28/24 Cynthia Harris TBD

  • April 2024

    4/4/24 Colson Steber TBD
    4/11/24 Cynthia Tello TBD
    4/18/24 Fiona Ray Getting it right with segmentation studies
    4/25/24 Martha Hayward 16 Personalities 

  • May 2024

    5/2/24 Jacque Barbush & Victoria Camilleri One year out, the perspectives of a new researcher
    5/9/24 Tim Herrlich AI, Taylor Swift, and Several Analysis Techniques, I'll cover one of these
    5/16/24 Vashte Johnson TBD
    5/23/24 Chris Hauck Revisiting my connection with Religion. Take the best of them all
    5/30/24 Scott Hanson The last word. 

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