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A few years ago, I realized that there was something rotten at the core of the marketing research industry. In the pursuit of better, faster and cheaper tools and techniques, the research industry achieved faster and cheaper, but did not bother with better. So, in my usual defiance of most norms, I’ve passionately focused on better and I try to make the other two toe the line. Faster + Cheaper does not equal Better. Better stands on its own.
I’ve been lucky enough to have some of the best mentors and friends in marketing research. Some of my mentors taught me how to conduct research creatively while staying within the rules of sampling and method. Creative use of choice and experimental design, unique approaches to asking people questions and making sense of data. Others helped develop my moral compass and my approach to life, from my college wrestling coach to my long-term business partner, to my closest friends, to my favorite clients, and to my own family. Treat people with respect and kindness, work hard, play fair, be creative, be upbeat and positive, have fun, and take care of others.
I find my greatest inspiration during a hike or long run on my snowboard, while watching a beach campfire, hiking a mountain trail, or when watching my kids play music. I love living in Colorado and enjoy everything it has to offer. Someday, I will have a hard bike or snow board ride and not suck wind or fall even once, on--someday.
And someday, market researchers will find the miracle formula to deliver market research results cheaper, faster, AND better.



HauckEye remains involved in the research community through both associations and education.

● Guest lecturer at UT Arlington, UT Dallas, University of Colorado Boulder● Advisory board member for the Master of Science in Marketing Research program at UT Arlington and the Master's in Marketing Research program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.● Co-Chair QRCA Conference 2024 & 2025● TCU Block T Association

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