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Consider working with HauckEye

HauckEye conducts qualitative and quantitative primary marketing research projects for clients. In a marketing research industry where so much work has moved to quick and cheap tools disconnected from the customer experience, HauckEye moves toward deeper and more personal interactions designed to explore consumer behavior in rich, meaningful ways.
My focus is on larger scale, meaningful projects to develop significant learnings while making a big impact on my clients’ businesses. I use my 35 years of experience to deliver real actionable insight.

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Let's work together

I love working with smart, hard-working clients to build amazing research projects.

Meeting new people and working on new projects is a blessing that keeps my life interesting. I love teaching my tools and techniques while elevating young talent in our industry.  

We all have a big bag of tools to apply to projects, the magic is in applying them in creative, elegant, and efficient ways to achieve real insight.

Let's talk about your goals.